Realistic. Beautiful. Timeless.
These are my objectives when I paint your portrait. Your painting is for your family to take pleasure in now and to be treasured as it gets passed down through future generations.

Commissioning a painted oil portrait, charcoal or pencil drawing is very special. Often a once in a lifetime special gift to celebrate an event.  A portrait painting can serve to acknowledge a career achievement, an anniversary gift, a graduation gift, or a retirement.  A corporate, official, or institutional portrait creates a warm office atmosphere.  A commissioned portrait sends visitors the message that your organization appreciates enduring high quality.  Commissioned posthumous portraits are a wonderful way to honour and remember people who have touched our lives.  It is a very popular gift for parents to commission a portrait of children for their grandparents.

Our first meeting will be a time to get to know each other and to discuss what type of portrait you have in mind. Do you wish to be painted standing formally or reclining casually on the beach, wearing black-tie or your tennis clothes, on which wall it will hang, how large the canvass will be, etc.?

Before your portrait is delivered to you, you will be invited to approve the finished work.

I work with you to create a portrait you will love.

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